Grøn KBH 2017 part I

As you probably know if you follow me on Instagram, this weekend I have been to Grøn KBH 2017, a sort of fair for innovative green products, from food to clothes, to plants, toys, pet food and more.

On Saturday I got there at around 11, the fair was open from 10 but some of the stands were empty. I was especially interested in checking Den Veganske Butik stand (The Vegan Boutique) but that one was not prepared.

However, I kept looking around and found another interesting stand. Continue reading


Bedtime routine

Apparently, if you want to get better rest and help your metabolism, it is good to have the same routine every night. And it should take place more or less an hour before you go to bed.

Most routines I have seen include drinking water or tea, light exercise, technology shut down, etc… And I am gathering all the info I can get to see what ‘s better for me.

In order to get 8 hours of sleep, I try to be in bed at 11pm, so I’m going to try the following starting at 9.45pm: Continue reading


With a little help from my friend(s)

I have been delaying this for months, but I found my inspiration today.

I was talking to my friend Ramón, who started his YouTube channel a few weeks ago. We were talking about being patient and putting our best efforts in everything we do, even though it can be frustrating sometimes, and ideas don’t always come running to us. We were mostly talking about his channel, but then I started thinking that maybe some of that applied to my blog.

I have abandoned it a few times (poor little thingie), always feeling guilty about not being capable of keeping up with it.

I kept waiting for a sign, for an idea to magically materialize into a blog post. But that hasn’t happened, and it won’t happen. At least not on its own, I have to put some effort into it.

I think that, from now on, my friend will push me to write, and I might push him to keep the videos coming (only if he needs me to do so, of course).

Make sure to check Ramón’s Instagram and his channel. Disney lovers, you have to watch his Shanghai’s Disney Store tour <3.



What do I really want?

I want more walks in Utterslev Mose. I want to see more goslings and swans.

I want to spend more time at home, I want more time for my thoughts.

I want to make tea for Antonio and put a smile on his face.

I want to continue learning things I am curious about. I want to read in bed until noon.

I want my beautiful friend to have a wonderful time here when she comes to visit next week.

And there are obviously many more things I want,so I cannot help but wonder, why do I keep wasting precious time on the things I don’t want?

I don’t want to get frustrated at work for things that don’t depend on me.

I don’t want to worry constanly about the things I cannot change.

I don’t want… I don’t want to fill this post with negativity.

I want to overcome all the negative thoughts and replace them with projects and ideas.

That is my goal at the moment.

Let’s do this ❤




My first set

This is my first Polyvore set in YEARS. I used to be addicted to it, I even designed birthday cards for friends and family! But it was a while ago so I decided to create a brand new account for the blog.
I still need some practice to create better sets and build a good collection of items 🙂 🙂
Feel free to follow me!
My first set


Turtleneck top
41 DKK – sassyselfie.com

Chicwish circle skirt
290 DKK – chicwish.com

Mini crossbody purse
190 DKK – unique-vintage.com

Serge Lutens palette makeup
1.090 DKK – violetgrey.com

Urban Decay eyeshadow
200 DKK – urbandecay.com

SANDERSON rose wallpaper
530 DKK – amara.com


Drink up, me hearties!

It is the first time that I talk about an app on the blog, but this one deserves it.

As I have mentioned before, I am always on the hunt for new sticker printables and designs to decorate my planner with. From the very start I wanted to add to my planner those stickers where you mark your water intake, and I found many! However, none of them seemed to fit my planner the way I wanted too.

I was trying to figure out how to fix that when one of my colleagues at the office introduced me to “Plant Nanny”. Continue reading


Wonderful Wednesday

I decided that this kind of entry was perfect to start posting again, so here it goes! These are the things that made me start this month with a smile on my face.

  1. Going back to work has been both satisfying and tiring. I had forgotten my ability to almost fall asleep on the couch at 9pm. But I love the feeling of completing tasks and helping people, and just being back there again. ❤
  2. Yesterday after work I was going to meet Antonio, but I had half an hour in bewteen, so I decided to take a different path and ended up walking by the sea. Continue reading

What can I say…

I have been MIA for a few months, I know. I really hoped I would find the time to post more often but I haven’t. I got distracted by other things, like when I was studying for this big exam that never happened, or when I was anxious waiting to go back to work and it took ages to happen.

Fortunately, I will go back to work on Monday and I feel like things are falling into place once again. I cannot promise that I will make time to work on the blog, everytime I “promise” that I fail, so I can only hope I am able to make it a priority, and maybe this time I will manage to do so.



Hello there!

As you know I went back to Madrid for a few days, I came back to Copenhagen and left again to go to Cambridge to visit my dearest friend/bride-to-be.

I am still recovering from all that but I want to start writing again as soon as possible. This is just a brief “I’m back!” post but I promise you will have a proper one tomorrow.



Going home!

As the title says I am going back to my hometown for a few days. I won’t be able to post here, but I have some great ideas to blog about when I come back!

In the meantime, be sure to follow me on my instagram and twitter accounts, as I will definitely be updating those with “mini posts”.